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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Batch 6

Hello babes, Chinese New Year are coming soon.
We've updated our pre-order batch 6 with more dresses and in lower price compared to previous batch.

The measurement in english and mandarine version.
Stock will definitely arrive before cny.!

*previous batch items can order too!

R 8464
color: red, grey, blue, black
price: RM33
measurement: bust 72-88, length 54, sleeve 32, shoulder 38


R 8465
color: red, black
price: RM33
measurement: bust 72-90, length 64, sleeve 59


Z 2789
color: red, blue, black, white
price: RM29
measurement: length 70, shoulder 38-42, sleeve 56-58

衣服长度70cm 肩宽38-42cm 袖子长度56-58cm

A 3688
color: pink, brown, black
price: RM39

measurement: length 100, bust 72-100

裙长:100cm,胸围:72-100cm 材质成分:雪纺

A 3693
color: white, grey, beige, black
price: RM39

measurement: length 95, bust 70-82

裙长:95cm, 胸围:70-82cm 材质成分:雪纺

A 3695
color: grey, brown, black
price: RM39
measurement:length 84, bust 72-88cm
裙长:94cm, 胸围:72-88cm 材质成分:雪纺

Z 3168
color: red, green, black
price: RM29

measurement: length 72, bust 88, shoulder38, sleeve 49

衣服长度72cm 胸围88CM(款式款)肩宽38cm 袖子长度49cm

R 8531
color: red, purple, green, yellow, blue, black
price: RM28
measurement: length 54, sleeve 56, bust 72-90, shoulder 36-38